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-Name: Triana Rodriguez

-Age: 21

-Location: New Braunfels, TX

-Sex: Female

-Taken/Single?: Single!!

-Music: Metal/Hardcore/Screamo/Rock/Alternative/Classic/80s!!

-Movies: Horror (Especially ones that have ALOT of blood and gore..HA sick right?)

-Describe Yourself: Well I was born and raised here. I am currently unemployed and looking for work. Want to attend Beauty School and someday do hair and makeup. Im 5'8", dark brown shoulder length hair, and brown eyes. Im pretty laid back/kick back. I love going out and partying and having a blast with everyone I know. Love meeting new people online and offline. Music is the best so therefore I love going to shows! I love taking pictures. I can be a pic whore at times haha. I LOVE Starbucks. In order to add you must interest me. I recently did a cleaning on my lj so I am only accepting those that interest. I think I deserve the right to be picky :). My livejournal mommyslilmonsta is Friends Only. So if you add me and dont end up posting a comment where the banner is, its most likely I wont accept your add. I do comment alot and do expect to get comments as well if I accept your add.

-More things: Um, I am a huge sports nut. My favorite sports are Football and Baseball. HOOK EM HORNS! If you would like to know anything else about me just be honest and ask me. I am a very honest person and will answer anyones questions.

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